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» Official approvals

  • Santésuisse approval for access to the health insurance funds in the supplementary health insurance area.
  • Approval from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for reimbursement through the invalidity insurance scheme (IV).
  • Licence from the Health Executive of the canton of Zurich to practise as an independent psychotherapist.

» Member of the following professional associations

  • ASP Association of Swiss Psychotherapists
  • FSP Federation of Swiss Psychotherapists & Psychologists
  • ZÜPP Cantonal Association of Zurich Psychologists
  • IAAP International Association for Analytical Psychology
  • SGAP Swiss Society for Analytical Psychology
  • International Alumni Association of the C.G. Jung-Institute Zürich, Küsnacht
  • SGSST Swiss Society for Sandplay Therapy
  • ISST International Society for Sandplay Therapy



C.G. Jung, Dreams and Individuation": Marianne Meister in Conversation with Stefano Carpani


renofiert. Nr. 11 2017Magazine "reformiert" Nr.11 2017

Wie lässt sich die kranke Seele heilen?
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Schlüssel zum ichSchlüssel zum Ich

The key to self – Recognition of self through depth-psychology-oriented astrology

Author: Dr. Marianne Meister
Hardback with dust cover and 264 pages
Size: 14 × 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-8436-0646-2

Our fate does NOT lie in the stars as popular horoscopes would have us believe. An astrology that is to be taken seriously concentrates far more on a person’s special abilities and development options, which can be acted out in many different ways. Marianne Meister is an experienced Jungian analyst who combines a serious astrological approach with theories from the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung.

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Sandspiel-Therapie Heft 36Sandspiel-Therapie

Volume 36 • June 2014

Publisher Linde von Keyserlingk in the Steinmeier Verlag, Deiningen
ISSN 1610-1715

Meister-Notter, Marianne (2014): Symbols of the male and female in fairy tales: The woman who undressed to release her man. In the Sandspiel-Therapie magazine, No. 36. Publisher Linde von Keyserlingk in the Steinmeier Verlag, Deiningen.

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Die Kunst zu LebenDie Kunst zu Leben (The art of living)

The art of healing

Hardback with dust cover and 256 pages
Size: 14 × 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-8436-0319-5

Meister, Marianne (2013): Träume - Faszination und Bedeutung (Dreams – fascination and meaning). In Ingrid Riedel (ed.) DIE KUNST ZU LEBEN – DIE KUNST ZU HEILEN (THE ART OF LIVING – THE ART OF HEALING). Inspiration through the psychology of Verena Kast. Patmos-Verlag.

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Sprechersignale im kindlichen DialogSprechersignale im kindlichen Dialog

Speaker signals in child dialogue – Example analyses of the relationship behaviour of four and six-year-old children

Author: Dr. Marianne Meister
Publisher: Peter Lang
178 pages
ISBN-10: 3261042524
ISBN-13: 978-3261042521

In this work, the use of speaker signals is examined in the dialogues of four and six-year-old children, focussing on their significance for the level of relationship. By analysing the form and function of the speaker signals in these dialogues, clear correlations can be ascertained between the kind and number of such signals and the strength or absence of any effective connection between the children.

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Dr. phil. l
Marianne Meister

Marianne Meister
  • State-recognised psychologist and psychotherapist, FOPH
  • Psychotherapist qualified by the ASP Association of Swiss Psychotherapists
  • Specialist psychologist qualified by the Federation of Swiss Psychotherapists (FSP)
  • Psychoanalyst qualified by the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich in Küsnacht for Adults, Children & Young People
  • Training Analyst, Teacher  and Supervisor for Sandplay qualified by SGSST (Swiss Society for Sandplay Therapy) and ISST (International Society for Sandplay Therapy)
  • Practice licence for psychotherapy issued by the Health Executive of the canton of Zurich



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